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PMI South Event

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! How do we make? How should we make?

19th October 2017

5.45pm, Eni House, Basingstoke, RG21 4YY


Main Speaker: Dr Ramesh Vahidi from the University of Southampton


Looking back on your career in project management (PM), could you single out the fraction of time you had ‘not’ been making a decision or had not been affected by a decision made by others?

While making project decisions, how often do you contemplate whether you are taking the ‘best or right’ courses of action?

How often, in retrospect, have you thought ‘more information’ could have significantly extended your horizon and enhanced the outcome of your decision making process? 

Significance of decisions in successful management of projects has been a matter of common consent between practitioners and academics.

However, this has not been translated to much agreement between the two communities or even within each of the communities on ‘how to approach decision making’.

PM practitioners use a wide range of styles and methods in making project decisions and academics develop dramatically different models for resolving more or less similar problems in fairly similar situations.

During this interactive session, we will discuss and share ideas on some aspects of decision making in projects and some of the drives behind the existence of such a wide range of approaches, methods and models.


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