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PMI South Event

Speeding Up Planning

21st May 2018 at 5.45pm

ENI House, Basing View, Basingstoke, RG21 4YY


Main Speaker: Dave Wright

David Wright has presented in each of the last two years and returns now to share with us how to speed up the planning of projects. Feedback on his previous presentations has been very positive.

David says that if we plan the wrong project, we will deliver the wrong project. Often sponsors do not want to be bogged down in too much planning, instead preferring to see some traction and results. Challenging stakeholders often impede the planning process and more and more we are seeing that stakeholders just want the answer, not the plan.

This presentation will take us step by step through the planning lifecycle using effective techniques to speed up the planning process. Participation from the audience will bring the presentation to life. We will leverage some Agile techniques and blend these with traditional waterfall to great effect, providing you with takeaways.


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