2nd April 2019

How Project Data Analytics Can Transform How We Deliver Projects

2nd April 2019 at 6 pm

RSM, 55-61 Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6AD


This is our first meetup in Bristol so we would like to start with a double bill to provide some context, summarise the challenge and the opportunities ahead of us.

Andy Murray will outline the challenge.

With a career spanning 30 years, Andy Murray has worked on numerous complex projects and contributed to developing/advancing the application of best practice guidance globally. Andy will reflect on this experience and will give his thoughts on how the project management profession has been slow to embrace data analytics to improve productivity, predictability and effectiveness of projects, particularly when compared with disciplines such as marketing, manufacturing and R&D.

Martin Paver will outline a possible future

Martin has also worked in project, programme and portfolio delivery for 30 years, leading $billion projects and portfolios. He has always been frustrated that we struggle to leverage the experience of the past to shape how future projects are delivered. With the emergence of cloud solutions we are now in a position to transform how we deliver projects.

If we understand how risks have evolved on thousands of projects, are we in a better position to manage it in the future. If we understand how schedules evolve, will we be in better position to manage them? If we know that certain benefits are notoriously difficult to deliver, should we be leveraging the dataset to give us insights into why. The opportunities are almost limitless. It is an opportunity to get on the ground floor of something really special.

Together, Andy and Martin will establish the foundation for future events and canvas opinion on preferred areas of interest.

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